S T E A D Y  S O U L S 


A mentorship for serving and supporting your people through loss & change.

Learn to hold the hearts of others with unshaking hands.

Bring forth the compassionate and steady soul that is already inside you, & become someone your loved ones, coworkers & community can deeply trust and as they navigate life's most difficult moments. You don't have to be perfect. Your presence is enough.


T H E  J O U R N E Y

Being steady for others in grief & in life requires that we dive into the places where our own fears, doubts, and insecurities live, and clearing out the "rubble" that's in the way of you and being the best version of yourself you can be for your people. In this mentorship we'll use the tools of coaching & adaptive leadership, the wisdom of yoga, mindfulness & meditation to:

  • Practice being present vs. being perfect.
  • Explore the "shadow" & the "ego".
  • Learn how to hold space for someone & be comfortable in silence.
  • Learn and practice conscious communication.
  • Learn how to be helpful, how to delegate and how to resolve conflict.
  • Explore & strengthen personal and energetic boundaries.
  • Bring more compassion into the ways you support others, and the ways you care for yourself.
  • Learn to not take it all so personally.

Let them lead as you walk alongside them.

If you want to be steady, start from within.

You are not a failure. You are human.

Show them all what love looks like.

"Working with Alyssa has transformed my experience of grief and loss. Her unique combination of knowledge and intuition made sure that every session was tailored to give me whatever support was right for that moment. Our sessions were never what I expected, but were always exactly what I needed. Working with her has brought a new level of self compassion and peace into all areas of my life. I am incredibly grateful to her for guiding me on this powerful and healing journey. I can’t recommend her highly enough". - C.C.

The Steady Souls Mentorship may be for you if:

  • You want to create a more grief-friendly environment at home, at work or in your community.
  • You're afraid of saying the “wrong” thing, or feel like you never know what to say.
  • You want to support someone but you feel uncomfortable with loss.
  • You try to “make it better” and nothing's working.
  • You want to support, but you feel like your heart will break too.
  • You feel like the things you say and do aren't working, or just cause more conflict.
  • You give and give and give so much of yourself and forget YOUR basic needs.
  • You want your people to feel loved, held and supported.

The Steady Souls Mentorship is not for you if:

  • You're looking for a "quick fix" or "magic pill" for someone's healing.
  • You're uncomfortable with feedback.
  • You aren't willing to "do the work", be accountable or take responsibility.
  • You want praise and acknowledgement for supporting your people - it's all about you.
  • You just lost someone or something very close to you, and your grief is raw.

You can never be perfect. Your presence is enough.


Four 60 minute biweekly Mentorship sessions

Unlimited text/email support



Eight 60 minute biweekly Mentorship sessions

Unlimited text/email support



Twelve 60 minute biweekly Mentorship sessions

Unlimited text/email support



A radical & powerful approach to grief support

This mentorship is infused with the wisdom of yoga, embodied philosophy, somatic coaching and adaptive leadership, bringing you a multidimensional educational and experiential journey that will and empower you from the inside out.

You are called to serve.

Help make the world a little friendlier and a little more supportive for folks who are grieving.




What does a typical session look like?

Typically in a session we'll begin with a brief centering meditation, spend some time connecting, and then get into the day's work. We'll address any problems, issues or questions you may be having with a guided experience be it coaching, meditating, movement, or another exercise. We'll close by discussing actionable "Soul Work" for you to explore before the next session.

Can I do just a single session?

The sessions are packaged intentionally to honor your growth and process, encourage accountability and celebrate progress. Once we complete a 4, 8 or 12 session contract, I do allow for single sessions to be booked on an as-needed basis.

Do the sessions need to be biweekly?

I have found that biweekly sessions keep us on track while leaving enough space for integration. If you feel like monthly sessions would be more supportive, we can certainly discuss this. I don't encourage weekly sessions, as I've found there's very little time for things to settle between sessions, particularly if we've stirred things up.

Can I book a session or buy a package for someone else?

This is a hard no. I get this question most often from grieving folks who want their friends and families to learn to support them. I think it's admirable that you want to help, and, they have to be willing to do the work themselves. You can certainly share this page with your friends and family and if they want to reach out, I'd be happy to support them in the ways I can.

Do I need to know how to meditate?

No meditation experience is necessary! I will always ask if you're comfortable coming into a meditation or mindfulness exercise. If so, I'll guide you and empower you through the entire experience, and if not, we can explore other tools, prompts and exercises to support you.


What is the time commitment?

The minimum time commitment is just 60 minutes biweekly, with optional but encouraged "Soul Work" between sessions. Some Soul Work requires reflection, reading or some journaling (20 mins max). Other Soul Work is offered as an actionable step or inquiry for you to try out in your life with the people you're supporting. I also offer optional but recommended reading.