G R I E F  S U P P O R T

Heart, mind, body & soul support through the upheaval in your life.

Grief comes in waves. I can help you ride them.

Whether you're living with personal, worldly, ancestral or existential upheaval, peace is possible with time and your skillful engagement in the process.


T H E  S U P P O R T

Grief is a holistic response to loss and change, impacting us on a physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual level. Each session is designed to support you where you are*. In our sessions together you may experience & explore:

  • Talk-coaching & mentorship.
  • Somatic experiencing.
  • Guided movement/yoga/embodiment experiences.
  • Guided meditation & mindfulness experiences.
  • Gentle & healing touch.

*these Grief Support sessions and the methods used in these sessions are not a replacement for therapy, counseling or professional mental health support.


Close the grief guide and reveal the expert within.

Healing is an inside job. Time to feel it in the cells.

You are not broken. You are not stuck. You are human.

Your healing lights a path forward for others.

"Working with Alyssa has transformed my experience of grief and loss. Her unique combination of knowledge and intuition made sure that every session was tailored to give me whatever support was right for that moment. Our sessions were never what I expected, but were always exactly what I needed. Working with her has brought a new level of self compassion and peace into all areas of my life. I am incredibly grateful to her for guiding me on this powerful and healing journey. I can’t recommend her highly enough". - C.C.

Grief Support sessions may be for you if:

  • You feel overwhelmed, uncertain, fearful about the future, and you're not sure what to do about it.
  • You feel like no one understands what you're going through.
  • You feel like a burden to others, and find it difficult to communicate your needs.
  • You feel like your life is ruled by strong emotions.
  • You're not sure if you're grieving "right".
  • You've been "getting by" up until this point, and you're ready for more support.
  • You want to reconnect to yourself and the things that matter in your life.
  • You feel like you give everyone else what they need, and you're ready to give yourself the love, care & attention you deserve.
  • Your relationships have been impacted by grief.
  • You've tried other types of support and nothing else helped.
  • You feel like you're "going through the motions" and nothing is changing.
  • You feel like there's more to life than your grief.

Grief Support sessions are not for you if:

  • You're looking for a "quick fix" or "magic pill" for healing.

Release the "finish line" fantasy. Embrace gentleness, patience, & lifelong resilience. Learn to trust yourself & the unfolding of your life.


Four 60 minute biweekly Grief Support sessions

Unlimited text/email support



Eight 60 minute biweekly Grief Support sessions

Unlimited text/email support



Twelve 60 minute biweekly Grief Support sessions

Unlimited text/email support



A one of a kind healing experience

All of my offerings are infused with the wisdom and practice of yoga, meditation, ecstatic movement, embodied philosophy, energy work, somatic coaching and adaptive leadership to bring you a multidimensional healing experience and empower you to be the leader of your life after loss.

You don't have to navigate difficult times alone.

I'd be honored to walk alongside you as you heal.



Will it ever get easier?

Feelings rise and fall like waves. When you're further from the grief event, you may find the waves of emotion soften, only to return again, soften again, and return and again at different moments of your life. I can't say it ever gets less painful. I can say that with compassionate support and the right tools for you, your capacity to navigate the most difficult emotions will grow, and with your patience and participation, there will be a day when you can be with the pain grief and no longer feel like you're drowning in it.

What does a typical session look like?

Typically in a session we'll begin with a brief centering meditation, spend some time connecting, and then get into the day's work. We'll address any problems, issues or questions you may be having with a guided experience be it coaching, meditating, movement, or another exercise. We'll close by discussing actionable "Soul Work" for you to explore before the next session.

Can I do just a single session?

Because grief is a process that requires time and participation, I don't offer single sessions to first time participants. The sessions are packaged intentionally to honor the slow and steady process of grief. Once we complete a 4, 8 or 12 session contract, I do allow for single sessions to be booked on an as-needed basis.

Do the sessions need to be biweekly?

I have found that biweekly sessions keep us on track while leaving enough space for integration. If you feel like monthly sessions would be more supportive, we can certainly discuss this. I don't encourage weekly sessions, as I've found there's very little time for things to settle between sessions, particularly if we've stirred things up.

Can I book a session or buy a package for someone else?

This is a hard no. I think it's admirable that you want to help this person. You can certainly share this page with them and if they want to reach out, I'd be happy to support them in the ways I can. If there's someone in your life who is grieving, not interested in coaching or therapy, and you're looking for ways to support them, I offer a Steady Souls mentorship that you may want to check out <3

Do I need to know how to meditate or do yoga?

No yoga or meditation experience is necessary! I will always ask if you're comfortable coming into a movement/meditation exercise. If so, I'll guide you and empower you through the entire experience, and if not, we can explore other tools, prompts and exercises to support you.

Am I grieving?

A tough question for me to answer. Let's hop on a free connection call to discuss this <3