G R I E F  R I T U A L S

Sacred private ritual sessions for honoring all that you've loved and lost.

W H Y  R I T U A L?

Ritual is an intentional gesture or series of gestures that are done intentionally to help us navigate and process life's biggest moments. They help us come to terms and engage with realities that feel larger than life.

Ritual is a powerful healing method for reaching and expressing grief in the body, mind and heart and can be a bridge between us and something greater than ourselves.

Ritual allows space for grief to be seen, soothed and expressed - liberating the body, opening the heart & renewing the spirit.

Are you ready to feel more complete?


Healing isn't a scientific formula, or a matter of brute strength or bravery. Healing is art and alchemy that requires patience, gentle hands, and vulnerable devotion at the altar of grief.

T H E  E X P E R I E N C E

In our consultation, I'll get to know you and your experience, set an intention, ask about your preferences, and together we'll curate a beautiful and powerful experience that honors your grief, your journey and the things that matter to you. We'll schedule a ritual session, and I'll guide the experience for you. You don't have to do anything except show up, dressed in clothes and accessories that feel comfy, free and beautiful, and be guided and held through this experience.

Your private grief ritual session may include (based on your preferences & needs):

  • An altar space with your own treasures, pictures and other special objects.
  • Breathwork
  • Chanting, singing, or prayer.
  • Guided movement/yoga/embodiment experiences.
  • Guided meditation & mindfulness experiences.
  • Smoke cleansing.
  • Art/creating something.
  • Use of crystals & other tools.
  • Gentle & healing touch.
  • Writing, reading & speaking from the heart.

*these Grief Ritual sessions and the methods used in these sessions are not a replacement for therapy, counseling or professional mental health support.

"Working with Alyssa has transformed my experience of grief and loss. Her unique combination of knowledge and intuition made sure that every session was tailored to give me whatever support was right for that moment. Our sessions were never what I expected, but were always exactly what I needed. Working with her has brought a new level of self compassion and peace into all areas of my life. I am incredibly grateful to her for guiding me on this powerful and healing journey. I can’t recommend her highly enough". - C.C.

An experience you will never forget

Ritual has been a huge part of my healing journey and my life. There is no one way to plan and move through a ritual - each is as unique as your grief. I would be honored to curate an experience together and guide you through.

Align powerfully with the 5 natural elements: earth, fire, air, water, & ether.

Bathe in sacred hymns that reverberate in your cells and heal your heart.

Vulnerability is prayer. Lay your love at the altar of grief.

Let your emotions take up space and be expressed.


What you get:

  • A 60 minute consultation/planning session (online)
  • A 90 minute session to hold the ritual (in-person, Rochester NY area only)
  • A handmade smoke cleansing bundle and an intuitively chosen crystal for your altar.




Will it ever get easier?

Feelings rise and fall like waves. When you're further from the grief event, you may find the waves of emotion soften, only to return again, soften again, and return and again at different moments of your life. I can't say it ever gets less painful. I can say that with compassionate support and the right tools for you, your capacity to navigate the most difficult emotions will grow, and with your patience and participation, there will be a day when you can be with the pain grief and no longer feel like you're drowning in it.

What does a typical ritual session look like?

Typically in a session we'll begin with a brief overview of the ritual. You'll have a chance to ask any questions, or add or subtract anything you want, and then we will begin the ritual. After the ritual, you're free to share or not share about your experience.

Can I do more than one ritual?

Absolutely - you're free to hold as many rituals as you want or need. We can discuss this at your consultation.

Do you offer rituals for groups?

I'm totally willing to offer a ritual for a group. There are a lot more materials and planning that goes into a group ritual, so at our consultation I will give you a cost estimate. We don't need everyone who is attending the ritual to attend the consultation, unless they want to. 

Do I need to be religious?

Absolutely not! Religions often have rituals of their own, but not all rituals are religious. If you're not into prayer, mantra, singing, or something else, we don't have to include that kind of stuff in your ritual.