I N  T H E I R  M E M O R Y

The day after I graduated yoga teacher training, my grandma died. June 17, 2017. Three months later, my grandpa died, the same day mom was diagnosed with brain cancer - November 14, 2017. One month later, my mom died - December 22nd, 2017. August 9, 2018, my Uncle Rick died. Ten days later, my childhood dog died. August 19, 2018.

Although I certainly didn’t ask for it, and although I’d have my loved ones back in my life in ONE SECOND, I believe this in every cell: my grief has been a doorway to greater vitality, a deeper intimacy with life, and a more peaceful heart. 

In 2018 I started a podcast to bring grief out of hiding and into the mainstream, and create a community where we could honor the grief journey as a necessary part of what it means to be human. We all grieve personal, worldly, environmental and ancestral change + injustice, and we don’t have to go through it alone.


I now offer support and curate sacred and life-affirming spaces for you to move through grief at your own pace and move forward meaningfully...on your own terms. 

My grief is soul work

A wild and intimate encounter with the vitality of life.

Tears drip like honey prayers and the trembles remind me

I am exquisitely alive,

& this too is my birthright.

"I appreciate how Alyssa welcomes loss, death and grief as a normal and expected part of living a human life. This aspect allows for connection with one another, as well as a closer, brave step into ourselves, versus the all consuming desire to isolate while enduring loss. Thank you for this workshop and this community!” - A.P.

T H E  W O R K

All of my offerings are infused with the wisdom and practice of yoga, meditation, ecstatic movement, embodied philosophy, energy work, somatic coaching and adaptive leadership to bring you a multidimensional healing experience and empower you to be the leader of your life after loss.

Serving as a speaker, writer, guest teacher, grief & death educator & workshop host.

I'd be honored and humbled to bring my programs and workshops to your community or appear as a guest on your podcast.

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